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Submitted on
October 20, 2010


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The semi-finalist judges went through all of the beautiful and intricate starships submitted to the EVE Online "Create A Starship" contest and were extremely impressed by the talent that you, our always skillful deviantART community, exhibited. 15 semi-finalists have been chosen from all of the wonderful entries. From these semi-finalists, the final three winners will be chosen by the EVE Online creative team! Let's check out who might get their shot at getting their ship in the game.

:bulletblue: Read Official Rules
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EVE Online Contest - Atlas by Abyssal-Specter The Arq: Luxury Racing Yacht by AndrewCM Naru-Kami Final by Baranha EVE Online - The Ascendancy by BlueRogueVyse
Nergal Cruising by Carmics BES by edinorog EvE Online -Tornado by supersampled Cyruk Velam by kheng
Tsunami by machinefire Masonis - Eve Online by mikepacker Omega -Caldari Support Cruiser by MoonredStarblack The Gatekeeper  EvE Complete by Nym182
OKHOS Battleship by ONO-S3N-D4I EVE Contest Jovian Vision by ProlificPen Minmatar Advertising Transtort by zk87
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SP4phearless Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Plz, can haz all of them?
LoicImacon Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010
I hope ccp host a another design your own ship contest. I really wana see some real cool looking ships in game. And now that everyone kinda has an idea of what to make i think there will be some awesome designs coming our way. :)
oh also ...
anyone not gona use the 30 day key ? ........ cuz ... i could use one.... im kinda desperate really wana get back in game but dont have the money. Any donations are accepted :) thx!
TalentlessBoy Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
Any info about the questions that were submited to the DA Stuff? They answered any of those?
strangelet Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
sorry to pause your incredible bitching session, but where are the winners actually posted?
Mootly Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Should be a link to it right at the top of this page, as well as in community news on the main page.
hail-the-oblivious Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
notice how the questionable contest entries (which were there when this article was submitted) suddenly disappeared. HAX
SOULSSHINE Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010  Professional Digital Artist

:iconmirarz-realm: said the following:

Well I suppose that's the end of it.

For most, its over and done with. The final winner both satisfies the majority of Eve maniacs and DA dudes, both in terms of art and suitability to the Eve universe. Thus the chapter ends. Except perhaps for a keep that took it to heart.

Congratz to the winners! - mainly cuz of luck tho~

Lessons learnt:
- DA is an arrogant and negligent bastard
- Contests at DA aren't worth striving for
- If rules look dodgey at the start, take your bats out early
- Don't bother questioning or pursuing DA for the truth, every DA employee treats you blindly and lies in your face
- Praise DA's subjective art perspective and trust them to judge your masterpiece

Lol ...
Dont know why / judging about all older contests / that sounds very truthfull somehow ... Haha - glad to see someone with guts to speack out what it think of lessons learn around here ...

Well i'm here since 2002 / and from my experience :

Workarounds for D'a ...
- Arrogance in d'a and manipulations all over will never cease - so there is no workarounds for it .

COntests are always worth / because of the people that is contesting ...
The problem is that they should have a GROUP To held every contests .
- That group should be a closed group with like 1 to 10 folders just for judges to put on a grade from 1 to 20 their choices / but like that those choices and selection should be done publicly ...

AFter the contest end / that +groups Official group would highlight forever winners and also all especially participants for a live long community event that even after contest done it would never die ...

Also they should have more prizes .
- 1,2 & 3 Place Professional awards - Made by d'a staff
- 1,2 & 3 Place Public Awards made by D'a - Were in that group All deviants Could vote for the bests ...

Also all 15 smifinalists should earn awards ...

And the list of what they "should" goes on .

The problem is that Deviantart does not listen to us / USERS ...

Arrogant Bitches that are on top of this corporation dont act like that ever / they always do what they please and what they want / Not even thinking twice that if was not "all us" The artists that upload art here this corporation would never exist in first place ...

But anyway art worldwide was always like that since the start ...
Arrogant bitches with money they do always watever they please / even define what art is or not by their vision - not by what the world sees of it .

I didnt participate this contest ...
And just participated on both square enix contest / just because i knew square enix would on a short lucky stroke maibe "just see it"

But thats the thing - to make all everyone win .
- They should make a closed +groups Oficial group with like 20 folders with numbers from 1 to 20 folders - and send there the deviations ...
( what would easy up the selection of winners - and also would make that selection public ) ...

Then after that ASK SPONSORS - To review those 20 folders - and chose 15 winners and 3 bests and one best out of it ...

The fact that is not Sponsors that chose fromm all the 15 / but a subjective art perspective Deviantart staff that does choose those 15 and sponsors just review 15 - makes the whoole contest idea Non worthy and not fair ...

The sistem of making a +groups Oficial group with 20 folders full of art chosen for the contest with from 1 to 20 levels of quality for sponsors to review those 20 folders and get themselfs the first 15 would fix how much is unfair for everyone the sponsors just have acess to 15 "deviantart staff" subjective perspective bests ...

If were the sponsors that chose those 15 themselfs WOuld be a hell lot worthy for all participation of everyone ...

Also would finish some comon problems that always happens after contests ...

We all can complain about deviantart staff chose 15 bests and just show those to sponsors ...

But if was the sponsors that chose those 15 themselfs - no one would have nothing to complain that much ...

The fact that deviantart staff select itself 15 bests to show just 15 to sponsors makes all participats to lose the oportunity to show their value to the companies out there ...

The question would be remain :
- Isnt too much to ask from sponsors to review 15.000.000 deviations ? How would that be possible ?

Well the answer is easy :
- Make a +groups Oficial group for every contest ..
- Closed at first
- Make 20 folders from 1 to 20
- And make the contest d'a staff judges to submith art to those 20 levels folders
- As part of a open to everyone see whats happening selection from those 15.000.000 participations ..
- Deviantart staffs would send like 20.000 deviations to those folders 1.000 winners from each of the 20 folders levels...

- Then if there were lowest quality those could be removed from the group folder ...

Then sponsors should be called to go to that group with 20.000 finalists .. and also analize the whoole contest submissions
- and sponsors would chose that way THEMSELFS 20 finalists from the 20.000 finalists ( oficial group selection ) - what would be 20.000 times more fair ... And also from the wholle 15.000.000 contest submissions ...

- Then after the contest ends - That closed group would become OPEN ...
ANd alow every deviants to submith forever and highlight their art tru the OFICIAL +groups GROUP CONTEST ...

_ Making the contest happening forever live and from that point on alive ...


But thats the problem - deviantart staff dont know that to their problems only us USERS That are here down low can answer to the biggest success on what they do - that they should otherwise listening to us better have ....

Well random thoughts just ...
I didn't participated ...
SHame on me ... cause every contests are worthy and big oportunitys to us / if well managed and open enough ...

SO !

Congrats everyone with strengths enough to have finished and submitting this contest on time !

Ruben Ismael
Coimbra Portugal
Poki-grzyb Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i hope you sent it to one of the admins or even to the main admin $spyed cause if you didn't then i will do it right away
Sam-Mccloud Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
i think im gonna challenge these judges to a duel...

Mootly Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Claymore mines at ... can you stand right on that X there for a sec while I go get something?
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